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Get reliable network coverage and security protection, fast. Cisco Umbrella integrates with Cisco Meraki MR and MX in a number of ways. It's the fastest and. What if you could secure every user across your SD-WAN in minutes. Cisco Umbrella サービスのセキュリティ カテゴリに関して、いくつかの変更が予定さ れています。有効にしたい内容やレポートしたい内容をより正確に制御できるように、 セキュリティ脅威のカテゴリを改善する方法が常に模索されてい.

For general information about Cisco Umbrella's reports, see Getting Started with Reports. As a mobile device administrator, the key Umbrella reports for you to. ※ 2018 年 10 月 18 日現在の情報をもとに作成しています 1. はじめに 以前の記事 で紹介した Umbrella API に Reporting API と Management API が追加されました。本記事では、このうちの Reporting API について紹介します。 2. Umbrella.

2017/01/21 · Gain access to all of the Reporting information in the Umbrella Dashboard, but not to the Configuration of the Dashboard or any Identities. Ability to save & export reports. Ability to change their own password and time zone settings. Customers can also use the reporting API to integrate their Umbrella data with other threat intelligence in Cisco Threat Response. The reporting API is now available for customers with any Cisco Umbrella enterprise package. 2016/11/25 · Cisco Umbrella Activity Reporting Administrator can login to Cisco Umbrella server to view and generate reports regarding the clients activity, find the infected devices, targeted users trying to access forbidden sites.

2017/07/31 · View a walkthrough of the Cisco Umbrella dashboard including reporting, APIs & integrations, and policy settings. See how simple it is to protect users on and off the corporate network with Cisco Umbrella. Bookmark and Share Reports The Umbrella dashboard stores report state in the URL, making it easy to share a report with colleagues or bookmark a report for future use. Navigate to Reporting and click on your desired report. Filter. 2019/10/24 · We are pleased to announce the new reporting platform for Umbrella! The new platform is much faster, includes several new filters, and a completely new Top Categories report and the Category Lens. See our overall documentation on. 2018/05/03 · Cisco Umbrella is thrilled to announce we have got two new security reports in the dashboard for you to check out. NOTE: These reports are only available for customers with Umbrella Insights or Platform packages, or for MSPs and.

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